Bsc Physics Part 2 Full Book Mcqs

190: gold is an example of

a) Ferromagnetic materials

b) Paramagnetic materials

c) Diamagnetic materialsd) Buss

191: 1 web is equal to?

a) Tesla/m

b) Tesla/m2

c) Tesla m

d) Tesla m2

192: the value of permeability of free space is

a) 4π*10-7 Tm/A

b) 4π*10-7TA/m

c) 4*10-7Tm/A

d) 4*10-7TM/m

193: the u-value of 20/20 AM model of polar plani meter is …….cm2

a) 0.02

b) 0.015

c) 0.129

d) 0.0645

194: the No. of turn of solenoid of compensating coil ……. Per cm

a) 40.2

b) 40.3

c) 42.2

d) None of these

195: 1 Pascal is equal to…….?

a) 1 N-m2

b) 1 N/m2

c) 1 N-m2


d) All of these

196: A transformer has five times as many primary turns as secondary. If 120V AC is across the primary, the secondary Voltage should be?

a) 26

b) 18

c) 40

d) 24

197: the AC input to a bridge rectifier is 20 V. A dc Volt meter connected across the load should read ……. V?

a) 20

b) 18

c) 10

d) 15

198: 1 atmosphere is equal to?

a) 100,000 pa

b) 22000 pa

c) 44000 pa

d) 1000 pa

199: A single phase HWR supplies power to a 1kilo ohm load, the input supply Voltage is 200 Vrms and Vdc 0.45 Vrms then the value of the

a) 1.09 mA

b) 1.09 A

c) 90 A

d) 90 mA

200: A FWR supplies a load of 1kilo ohm the AC Voltage applied to diode is

200-0-200 Vrms and Vdc is 0.9 Vrms then the average dc

a) 180 A

b) 180 mA

c) 170 A

d) 170 mA

201: frequency of the output voltage of a FWR is ….. of supply frequency

a) Half

b) Twice

c) Thrice

d) 1/4 th

202: An Ordinary two diode FWR is preferred to a bridge rectifier

a) True

b) False

203:8 in Millikan experiment it is assumed that fluid flow is….flow

a) Turbulentb) Laminar

c) Open channel

d) Isothermal

204: the speed of light in glass is about

a) 3*108m/s

b) 2*108m/s

c) 2*106m/s

d) 2*10-6m/s

205: if you measure a values of charge equal to 12.8*10-19C of a droplet. How many electrons can be on this

a) 5

b) 6

c) 3

d) 8

206: how much distance is there between two charged plates in the Millikan experiment

a) 2mm

b) 5mm

c) 300 V

d) 931km

207: Refractive index of air is….

a) 1

b) 0

c) 1.00028

d) 1.28

208: when a light pass from rare to denser medium it bends

a) Towards the normal

b) Away from normal

c) Scattered

d) None of these

209: in thermal conductivity experiment water is passed at

a) Constant temperature

b) Constant pressure

c) Constant time

d) None of these

210: in thermal conductivity experiment, end A of the bar is placed insidea) Hot water

b) Cold water

c) Steam

d) None of these

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