Bsc Physics Part 2 Full Book Mcqs

46: important feature of pion is that it has

a) Finite energy

b) Infinite energy

c) Finite range

d) Infinite range

47: in radioactive equilibrium no. of atom of each number element in directly proportional to


a) Average life

b) Half life

c) Rate of formation

d) Rate of disintegration

48: in Van De Graff generator accelerator the potential V develop at the top terminal with respect to ground is

a) V/R

b) V/I

c) R/C

d) Q/C

49: to impart high energy in F.M cyclotron the orbits of the ions needs to be

a) Magnetized

b) Expanded

c) Energized

d) Stabilized

50: a certain radioactive element has a half-life of 120d the time it will take for 7/8 of the atomic originally present to disintegrate is

a) 80d

b) 20d

c) 40d

d) 60d

51: in betatron the magnetic flux density is B at

a) Central region

b) Air gap

c) Constant radius

d) Annular tube

52: in neutral atom, the electrons are bound to the nucleus by

a) Magnetic force

b) Electrostatic force

c) Friction force

d) Centripetal force

53: force on the electron acceleration in an accelerator under the action of electric field is

a) F = qB

b) F = eB

c) F =Ee

d) F – EB

54: A 100g sample of a radioactive element has a half-life of 5 days, how many grams of radioactive material will remain after 15days?

a) 100g

b) 50g

c) 25g

d) 12.5g

55: the correct expression relating the energy E of a particle to its rest mass m0, its moment p, and the speed of light c, is.

a) E2= p2c2 + m0c2

b) E2 = p2c2 + (m0c)2 

c) E2 = p2c + (m0c2)2

d) E2 = p2c2 + (m0c2)

56: which of the following is correct for the number of neutrons in the nucleus?

a) N = Z-A

b) N = A

c) N = A-Z

d) N = Z-A

57: Rapid and continues exchange of mesons between nucleus is responsible for

a) Nuclear force

b) Pions

c) Photons

d) Conservation of energy

58: an isotope with a high binding energy per nucleon

a) Will decay and short period of time

b) Has very few electrons

c) Is very unstable

d) Is very stable

59: how many protons and in the 7 14N atoms?

a) 6

b) 7

c) 9

d) 10

60: nucleus “a” contains 5 protons and 5 neutrons and has radius R, the radius of nucleus “b”which contains 35 protons and 45 neutrons is closes to 

a) 2R

b) R

c) 4R

d) 8R

61: average life period of disintegrating atom is inversely proportional to

a) Wavelength

b) Half life

c) Radioactive constant

d) Total number of atoms

62: in liquid drop model the symmetry effect is known to be inversely proportional to

a) A + 2Z

b) A – 2Z

c) Atomic number

d) Mass number

63: how many nucleuses are in the 10 20Ne atom

a) 10

b) 20

c) 18

d) 38

64: the most developed nuclear model is

a) Collective model

b) Shell model

c) Liquid drop model

d) None of these

65: emission of nucleons is analogous to ….. of molecules

a) Division

b) Emission

c) Formation

d) Evaporation

66: the velocity of electrons in betatron at 300 Mev is nearly

a) 0.99C

b) 0.98C

c) > 1 C

d) < 0.98C

67:3 The relation between the De Broglie and Bohr’s theory

a) Energy

b) Momentum

c) nħ= ⋋P

d) none of these

68: Radius of Bohr’s r=?

a) αon2

b) αon3

c) αon

d) None of these

69: what are the value of stationary states if <A>t=5 =5 what will be <A>t=10 =?

a) 5

b) 10i + 5

c) 10

d) 15

70: when waves are combine the add?

a) No. of particles

b) Amplitude

c) Intensities

d) None of these

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