Bsc Physics Part 2 Full Book Mcqs

71: φ=eikx what will be the momentum operator?

a) iħ

b) ik

c) ħ/i

d) none of these

72: Dimension of angular momentum resemble with

a) energy

b) momentum

c) angular momentum

d) none of these

73: If B & A are hermition operator then ( AB + BA ) is equal to?

a) Anti hermition

b) Skew hermition

c) Hermition

d) None of these

74: Ѱ=∂ika2∂z.x

a) α4

b) α2

c) kα2

d) none of these

75: In hermition operator the Eigen value?

a) Real

b) Complex

c) Both

d) None of these

76: Time dependent S.W.E. ħ22/ x2

a) E Ѱ

b) Ĥφ

c) All

d) None of these

77: <S2> – <S>2 =? What will be the answer?

a) <∆S>

b) <∆S>2

c) <X>

d) None of these

78: |Ѱ|2 tell us the

a) Probability

b) Probability density

c) Both

d) None of these

79: If the relation (<Ѱ|φ>*)* =?

a) (Ѱ|φ)*

b) (Ѱ|φ)

c) <Ѱ|φ>

d) < φ|Ѱ>

80: If the relation dwdk (w angular frequency) ?

a) Vphase

b) Vclassic

c) Vgroup

d) All of these

81:4 if the operator P and T have common Eigen function then they are

a) Orthogonal

b) Real

c) Commutative

d) Skew hermitian

82: <φ|Ѱ> means the projection of

a) φ on Ѱ

b) Ѱ on Ѱ

c) φ on φ

d) None of these

83: if |Ѱ>= ( 33 ) |φ1>+ ( 13 ) |φ2>+ ( 23 ) |φ3> then probability of finding the 

system in state φ1 at a later time t is

a) 1/3

b) 1/9

c) 2/9

d) None of these

84: [mA, nB] is equal to ( where m and n are real constant)

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a) m[A, B]

b) (m+n) [A, B]

c) mn[A, B]

d) none of these

85: if A Ѱ1=5 Ѱ1, B Ѱ2=5 Ѱ2, A Ѱ3=5 Ѱ3. Tthen which of the following is correct

a) Ѱ1 is eigen state of B

b) Ѱ2 is and Ѱ3 are degenerate

c) Ѱ1 and Ѱ2 are degenerate

d) Ѱ1 and Ѱ3 are degenerate

86: [p, x] = ?

a) 0

b) ħ

c) – ħ

d) None of these

87: if Ѱ(x,0) is not an eigen state of Hamiltonian then Ѱ(x,t) can be obtained by

a) n|bn|2En

b) nbn Ѱ(x,0)

c) Aeikx

d) None of these

88: [A, meA]

a) m[A, ( 1+A)!]

b) 1

c) [A, m]

d) None of these

89: if wave function is normalized then probability P(En)=?

a) nbn

b) n|bn|2

c) |bn|2

d) None of these

90: dirac delta function is a mathematical function that can be used as an eigen state of

a) Momentum

b) Position

c) Angular momentum

d) Commutation

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