Bsc Physics Part 2 Full Book Mcqs

231: the work function of pure metals is greater than…..electron volt?

a) 4

b) 3

c) 2

d) 6

232: one Angstrom unit is equal to

a) 10-8 cm

b) 10-8 m

c) 10-10 cm

d) 109 m

233: in Cauchy constant the value of A is ….

a) 5.502 cm

b) 1.502

c) 1.502 inch

d) None of these

234: in Cauchy constant the value of B is ….

a) 5.236*10-11 cm2

b) 5.236*10-11 m2

c) 5.236*10-11 inch2

d) None of these

235: the least count of spectrometer made in China is

a) 1 sec

b) 1 mint

c) 30 sec

d) None of these

236: In planks constant experiment the actual value of backing off voltage for violet filter is

a) 0.25 V

b) 0.63 V

c) 0.77 V

d) None of these

237: the Lorentz force ( e/m ) experiment current direction switch is

a) 1 way

b) 2 way

c) 3 wayd) None of these

238: The actual value of e/m is

a) 1.7*10-11 C/kg

b) 1.7*1017 C/kg

c) 1.7*1019 C/kg

d) none of these

239: the diameter of Lee disk is

a) 1.50 cm

b) 1.43 inch

c) 1.50 inch

d) 1.43 cm

240: The violet colour has the shortest wavelength of all the seven colour spectrum, has the………… deviation

a) Least

b) Greatest

c) both a & b

d) none of these

241: The wavelength of red filter which is used in plank’s constant experiment is

a) 620 nm

b) 620 micro m

c) 530 nm

d) 530 micro m

242: One Tesla is equal to

a) N/A/m

b) N/A/mm

c) N/A/cm

d) None of these

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243: The thickness of Lee disk……mm

a) 0.998 inch

b) 0.998 cm

c) 0.872 inch

d) 2.223 inch

244: The specific heat of water is equal to?

a) 4190 J/kg/K

b) 4000 w/kg/K

c) 4100 J/sec/kg/K

d) 4190 J/sec/kg/K

245: the unit of thermal conductivity K of Copper is…

a) 4000 w/m K

b) 400 w/m K

c) 0.0400 w/m K

d) 0.4000 w/ m K

246: IN searl’s apparatus the length of between ∅1 & ∅2 is

a) 3.165 inch

b) 2.165 inch

c) 3.165 cm

d) 2.165 cm

247: In plank’s constants experiment range of Pico meter selected………pA

a) 3.00

b) 0.003

c) 0.03

d) None of these

248: In planks apparatus the photo emissive cell is ideal for free with…….. light

a) Visible

b) Near ultra violet

c) Near infra-red

d) Both a & b

e) Both a & c

249: the refractive index of prism is

a) 1.43

b) 1.4

c) 1.33

d) None of these

250: the semiconductor laser used in the experiment of measuring sugar contents of a liquid has wavelength of 

a) 632nm

b) 640nm

c) 630nm

d) None of these

251:9 The probability of occurrence of a microstate depends on

a) low energy microstates

b) high energy microstates

c) number of microstates

d) type of system

252: A microcanonical ensemble depends on

a) many isolated systems

b) systems equilibrium

c) energy range

d) all these

253: Minimum number of independent coordinates used to define configuration of a system 

are called

a) phase space

b) hyper space

c) configurational space

d) none of these

254: Jacobian is a

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a) matric

b) derivative

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