Bsc Physics Part 2 Full Book Mcqs

91: if two operators commute it means that they have

a) Different eigen state

b) Common eigen value

c) Imaginary eigen value

d) None of these

92: wave function can not be

a) Normalized

b) Single value

c) Complex

d) None of these

93:5 the value of E within the field due to a point charge can be found with the ….

a) Gauss’s law

b) Faraday’s law

c) Kirchhoff’s law

d) Coulomb’s law

94: a region around a stationary electric charge has

a) An electric field

b) A magnetic field

c) Both a & b

d) None of above

95: electric intensity outside the two oppositely charged parallel metal plate is

a) Maximum

b) Minimum

c) Zero

d) Infinite

96: the proportionality constant in coulomb’s law has unit of

a) Farads

b) Farads/meter

c) Newton

d) Meter/farads

97: electric flux line originate at

a) Positive charges

b) Negative charges

c) Closed loop

d) None of these

98: electric force of repulsion between two electrons at a distance of one meter is

a) 1.8N

b) 1.5*10-9N

c) 2.30*10-28N

d) 2.14*10-30N

99: Energy stored on the capacitor is

a) K.E

b) P.E

c) Electrical Kinetic Energy

d) Electrical P.E

100: the force between two charges is 120N. if the distance between charges is doubled, force will?

a) 60 N

b) 30 N

c) 15 N

d) 12 N

101: If 10 N force acts on 2 C charge then the electric intensity will be?

a) 20 N/C

b) 5 N/C

c) 5 C/N

d) 10 N/C

102: A feed line and an equipotential surface are

a) Always parallel

b) Always at 90 degree

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c) Inclined at any angle zero

d) None of the above

103: which of the following is not a unit of flux?

a) Maxwell

b) Tesla

c) Weber

d) All of the above

104: the surface integral of the normal component of the electric displacement D over any closed surface equal the charge enclosed by the surface is known as

a) Gauss’s law

b) Faraday’s law

c) Kirchhoff’s law

d) Lenz’s law

105: 1 Volt/meter is same as

a) 1 meter/C

b) 1 Newton meter

c) 1 Newton/ meter

d) 1 Joule /C

106: Boundary condition for the normal component of E on the boundary of dielectric is

a) En1 = En2

b) En1 – En2 = ρs

c) En1 = En2 ϵ2/ ϵ1

d) En1 = 0

107: a potential of 400V is applied to a capacitor, the plates which are 4 mm apart. The strength of electric field is?

a) 100 KV/m

b) 10 KV/m

c) 4 KV/m

d) 2 KV/m

108: Tesla is unit of

a) Field strength

b) Inductance

c) Flux density

d) Flux

109: if a force, F = 4ax + ay + 2az moves 1µC charge through a displacement of 4ax +2 ay – 6az the resultant

a) 6 µJ

b) 12 µJ

c) 18 µJ

d) 24 µJ

110: The potential of all the points of equipotential planes is

a) Same

b) Zero

c) Different

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