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Is Hair Transplant Permanent

Is Hair Transplant Permanent ?

When you consider a “hair transplant”, you will have the idea of hair loss and thinning in recent years. But the hair transplant has come a long way especially in the last decade and has now found the popularity in the world.

A hair transplant – sometimes called hair restoration) – is an outpatient procedure in which hair is removed from the back of the head through micrografting technology.

The consequences of a hair transplant process are long lasting and considered permanent. This method also takes a long time

For these reasons, people who have already significantly experienced hair thinning on the transplant are the best candidates for hair transplant.

This article will help you understand the results of a hair transplant, what you can expect, and the types of procedures.

In the parts where your hair is thinner after you heal it, it takes time to heal your skin. In fact, some of your hair loss is normal in the first three months after this procedure.

Hair can take 6 to 12 months to come. But once the recovery process is completed, the transplanted follicles start filling up the baldness parts in your head scalp. These are the hair that will continue to grow naturally as you age. And transplant hair is permanent.

Is it possible for another transplant once hair transplant is done?

Yes, you can do the transplant for the second time after transplant

There are some candidates whose doctors will tell them that they need a number of “sessions” for transplant surgery to get the desired results.

Some candidates are happy with the results after a hair transplant for the first time, and later decide to try to fill in additional Spaces at the ends of the he

Types of hair transplant

There are two types of “modern” hair transplantation procedures that are currently in force.

The first type is the follicular unit transplantation (fut) in which the hair is taken from the back of your head. And they are applied there where the hair is reduced.

Another type is follicular unit follicles (feu) in which false follictures are used for transplant follicles. And in this way there is hair where there is baldness.

Both types of hair transplant procedures are consistent.

When hair transplant is completed, it will take some time before you see the results. When hair transplant sections begin to heal, you may feel that you are losing your transplant hair in the first few months. But surgeons will assure you that this is part of the routine and is expected.

Once a hair transplant is fully recovered, you will notice that your hair follicles begin to look. The hair will grow and will eventually appear at the same length with the rest of your hair. According to your preference, hair transplant can be cut, styled and dyed.

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Hair transplantation should stay long term. It is possible that as you grow older, hair follicles will grow thinner, but you will lose at least some hair in your entire life.

If your hair thinness continues, you can contact your respective doctor. And you can inform it about your problem.

If you feel self-conscious about your hair loss, you should talk to your doctor. Medical conditions and medications that can cause hair loss as a side effect.

In the end, we will advise you to go to a good surgeon. And do your hair surgery.

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