Bsc Physics Part 2 Full Book Mcqs

30: the direction of torque can be found out by

a) Right hand rule

b) Fleming left hand rule

c) Knowing the direction of ‘r’

d) Head to tail rule

31: no K.E energy possessed by

a) A shooting star

b) A pendulum at the bottom of its swing

c) An elevator standing at the fifth floor

d) Cyclone

32: The rate of change of angular momentum of a body is equal to

a) Impulsive force

b) Applied force

c) Moment of inertia

d) The applied torque

33: a skater moves with a constant velocity of 12m/s . if her momentum is 600kgm/s, what its mass?

a) 72kg

b) 60kg

c) 50kg

d) 46kg

34: si unit of torque is

a) N.m

b) Joule

c) Both a & b

d) Neither a nor b is correct

35:2 During second half life original materials decayed:

a) One quarter

b) Two quarter

c) Three quarter

d) None of these

36: In cyclotron the time required to complete one semi-circle of radius “r” is?

a) t= π/qm

b) t= πm/q

c) t= πm/qB

d) t= qB/πm

37: Angular frequency of cyclotron is independent of

a) r

b) v

c) q/m

d) r & v

38: According to the fundamental equation of cyclotron, frequency is directly proportional to

a) magnetic field

b) electric field

c) both a & b

d) none of these

39: When the distance between the nucleons is . . . . 10-13cm, the nuclear forces is into strong repulsive forces

a) <

b) >

c) ≈

d) None of these

For Answer Please see this video

40: In cyclotron oscillating electric field provide the . . . . . to ions

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a) Electric field

b) Frequency

c) Velocity

d) Direction

41: A travelling wave LINAC can accelerate electrons up to . . . .

a) 103KeV

b) 103MeV

c) 103GeV

d) 103TeV

42: In electrostatic generator, which are moved downward by the conveyor belt?

a) Atoms

b) Negative ions

c) Positive ions

d) None of these

43: LINAC consists of cylindrical electrodes with . . . . . length?

a) Fixed

b) Increased

c) Decreased

d) All

44: Synchrotrons have its energy limit due to

a) Energy

b) Relativistic mass

c) Radiation emission

d) Velocity

45: Rutherford considered nucleus at the centre of atom as a

a) Positive charge

b) Negative charge

c) Concentrated energy

d) None of these

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