Bsc Physics Part 2 Full Book Mcqs

211: in the absence of electric field drag force is equal to……..

a) Electric force

b) Gravitational force

c) Both a & b

d) None of these

212: the value of ή for air is…..

a) 951 Kg/m3

b) 9.8 Kg/m3

c) 971 Kg/m3

d) 981 Kg/m3

213: refractive index can be measured by measuring the minimum angle deviation and

a) Refractive angle

b) Prism angle

c) Refracting angle

d) Minimum angle of deviation

214: if angle of incident become larger then critical angle then phenomena of

a) Reflection occurs

b) Refraction occurs

c) Total internal reflection occurs

d) Reflection simultaneous

215: property of light which does not change during refraction is

a) Direction

b) Speed

c) Frequency

d) Wavelength

216: Ratio of sin(x) of angle of incidence to sin(x) of angle of refraction is

a) Gravitational law

b) Reflection law

c) Refraction law

d) Snell’s law

217: a light ray has an angle of incidence of 34 degree. The reflected ray will make what 

angle with the reflected angle

a) 0 degree

b) 34 degree

c) 56 degree

d) 66 degree

218: refractive index of water is

a) 0.33

b) 0.5

c) 1.5

d) 1.33

219: least count of spectrometer is

a) 1sec

b) 1mint

c) 1degree

d) 1mm

220: angle of minimum deviation will be maximum for

a) Red light

b) Blue light

c) Violet light

d) None of these

221: the lens presents in the telescope is called

a) Condenser lens

b) Objective lens

c) Normal lens

d) Projection

222: refractive index is equal to

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a) Speed of light in material/speed of light in vacuum

b) Speed of light in material/speed of light in air

c) Speed of light in vacuum/speed of light in material

d) Speed of light in air/speed of light in material

223: the power light source used in new Plank’s constant apparatus is

a) 15 W

b) 25 W

c) 30 Wd) 35 W

224: the refractive index for blue ( 450nm) colour is ……

a) 1.502

b) 1.507

c) 1.509

d) 1.508

225: in plank’s constant apparatus the light source used is of

a) Halogen tungsten

b) Cathode tungsten

c) Caesium antimony

d) Both b & c

226: the model number of Lorentz force ( e/m ) demonstrator ( apparatus ) is …

a) J 2433

b) J 4633

c) J 2533

d) J 2333

227: the refractive index of violet colour at wavelength 434 nm for solid prism is

a) 1.489

b) 1.059

c) 1.521

d) 1.519

228: the refractive index of red colour at wavelength of 640 nm for solid prism is

a) 1.052

b) 1.520

c) 1.509

d) 1.445

229: the refractive index of solid prism ( glass crown ) is ….

a) 1.4

b) 1.05

c) 1.52

d) 1.45

230: the work function of visible light is about……. eV?

a) 4

b) 3

c) 2

d) 5

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