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This is why you should wash your hair with cola

Do you dream of having a beautiful head of hair but is the reality a little more grim?

If you have limp dull hair you can continue reading this cola trick. You are not alone; Many women have hair that lacks volume and shine.

It’s not surprising if you think about what we collectively do with our hair: the repeated washing, dyeing, straightening and curling we do does our hair no favors. Fortunately, there’s a simple product that might make all the difference, and chances are you already have a bottle of it in your fridge.

Washing your hair with cola can make a big difference

We’re not sure if you’ll want to drink after reading this.


Did you know that kola is actually useful for many different things? For example, you can use it to lower your tea kettle or clean the toilet. Apparently, the popular drink is so chemical that it can clean things. Who knew?

You can also use it to get chewing gum out of your (or your children’s) hair. Fill a bowl with coke and add a piece of hair along with the chewing gum. Leave it on for a while and you will see how easy it is to remove the gum.

Wash your hair

We can’t tell you if it really works as well as make some claims, but this trick is definitely worth a try if you want bigger hair.

Cola is said to make your hair less limp and create a ‘messy’ texture but in a good way. Kola’s high level of acidity causes the hair scales to close and shrink.

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It makes your hair shiny. Sounds great, right? Beauty blogger Elko tried this trick and is very satisfied with the results. All you need is two small bottles of coke and water to wash it off again!

Pros and Cons of Washing Hair with Cola


Volume Boost: The acidity in cola can give your hair more volume by tightening the hair cuticles.

Shine Enhancement: Cola can make hair appear shinier due to the closing of hair scales.

Gum Removal: It’s a handy trick for removing gum from hair.


Dryness: Cola’s high sugar content and acidity can potentially dry out your hair with frequent use.

Stickiness: Residual stickiness from the sugar in cola might make hair feel unclean if not rinsed thoroughly.

Damage Risk: Overuse of cola can lead to hair damage due to its acidic nature.


While using cola as a hair treatment might sound unusual, it offers a quick fix for dull and limp hair by adding volume and shine. However, it’s essential to be cautious about the potential drawbacks, such as dryness and damage. If you decide to try this method, ensure proper rinsing and limit its frequency to maintain healthy hair.

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