Bsc Physics Part 2 Full Book Mcqs

171: The unit of specific heat of water is

a) J kg/k

b) J kg k

c) J/kg/k

d) none of these

172: The actual value of e/m is

a) 1.7*10-11esu/gm

b) 1.7*1017esu/gm

c) 1.7*1019esu/gm

d) none of these

173: The cross sectional area A of copper bar of sear’s apparatus is measured 


a) 1/2 πd2

b) 1/4 πd2

c) 2/3 πd2

d) 3/2 πd2

174: The diameter of Lee disk……inch

a) 1.497

b) 2.497

c) 3.497

d) none of these

175: In planks constant experiment the actual value of backing off voltage for blue filter is

a) 0.25V

b) 0.63V

c) 0.77V

d) none of these

176: In planks apparatus photo electron tube is made of……..cathod

a) Cobalt antimony

b) cobalt caesium

c) caesium antimony

d) none of these

177: One Tesla is equal to……

a) 1weber/m2

b) 106weber/m2

c) 10weber/m

d) none of these

178: In Cauchy’s constant, B has a dimension of

a) length

b) area

c) time

d) none of these

179: velocity of sound is ……. In liquid then in gases

a) Greater

b) Smaller

c) Same

d) None of these

180: the unit of sound intensity is ……

a) N/m2

b) W/m2

c) J/sec. m-2

d) None of these

181: threshold of pain is

a) 130 dB

b) 110 dB

c) 100 pa

d) 40 pa

182: auditory threshold at 1 kHz…….pa

a) 2*10-3

b) 2*10-5

c) 2*101

d) 0

183: 1 pascal will be equal to SPL of …… dB

a) 60

b) 92

c) 94

d) 120

184: the standard pressure in air is……micro Pascal which is usually considered the threshold 

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of hearing a) 20

b) 30

c) 40

d) 35

185: the SI unit of magnetic induction B is….

a) Tesla

b) Newton/meter

c) Newton/m2

d) Gauss

186: the soft magnetic material have……type of BH curve

a) Narrow

b) Wide

c) It is not a closed loop

d) None of these

187: in CGS system the unit of ‘H’ is

a) Wb/m2

b) Amp-turn/m

c) Dersted

d) Both b&c

188: the permeability of diamagnetic material is

a) µ > 1

b) µ < 1

c) µ = 1

d) µ ≤ 1

189: the u-value of 20/20 AM model of polar plani meter is …….inch2

a) 0.129

b) 0.015

c) 0.01

d) 0.1

e) 0.02

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