100+ Stoner Private Story Names For Smoking

Stoner Private Story Names For Smoking

Smoking cannabis is not a new practice, and individuals across the world have found various ways to partake in it. One new phenomenon that has emerged with social media is the use of private story names for smoking. These are private Snapchat stories that are limited to a select few people wherein the users share their smoking experiences.

Stoner private story names for smoking are creatively funny and often hilarious. The names are usually puns that add humor to the experience of smoking. Some users have used names such as “Weed and Chill,” “High Times,” “Puff Puff Pass,” and “Ganja Gals.”

These names add a level of privacy to the often-stigmatized activity of smoking cannabis. By creating a private story, individuals can share their experiences with individuals they trust. It also helps maintain anonymity, which can be critical in places where smoking cannabis is illegal.

Moreover, Stoner private story names for smoking enable individuals to find friends who share similar interests. Users can invite other stoners to their stories and share educational and entertainment content related to smoking.

In conclusion, Stoner private story names for smoking can be a fun and harmless way to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts. It is also a way to create a community among users and share experiences. So, if you’re looking to add some humor to your smoking routine, think of a creative stoner private story name for smoking that can garner attention and bring a smile to people’s faces.

100+ Stoner Private Story Names For Smoking

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1. The Green Room

2. Blowin’ Smoke

3. High Times

4. Puff Puff Pass

5. The Joint Venture

6. Up In Smoke

7. Lit Squad

8. Toke Talk

9. Stoner Squad

10. Pot Heads

11. Mary Jane Mafia

12. Blazed Brothers

13. Smoke Signals

14. Smoke Screen

15. Cheech and Chong

16. Ganja Gurus

17. Budding Friendship

18. Chronic Chronicles

19. Kush Kingdom

20. Faded Friends

21. Smoke Sesh

22. Hazy Daze

23. Green Dream Team

24. Reefer Road

25. Dank Dynasty

26. High Society

27. The Dank Tank

28. Cannabis Crew

29. Dope Dudes

30. Ganja Goddesses

31. The Higher the Better

32. Purple Haze Posse

33. The Blazed Brigade

34. Pot Party

35. Green Goodness Group

36. The Smokers’ Club

37. Dro Down

38. Dank Dabbers

39. Trippy Tribe

40. Weed Wonders

41. Munchie Madness

42. The Reefer Squad

43. Chronic Chronicles

44. The Chill Zone

45. The Wake and Bake Bunch

46. The High Life

47. The Stoner Scene

48. Joint Ventures

49. The Green Machine

50. The Smokin’ Hot Squad

51. Blazing Buddies

52. The 420 Club

53. High Society

54. Bud Busters

55. The Weed Warriors

56. The Dank Den

57. The 710 Crew

58. The Pot Party

59. Stoner Sanctuary

60. The Blaze Brigade

61. The Ganja Gang

62. The Chill Crew

63. The Dope Dynasty

64. The High Fliers

65. Cruising on Cloud Nine

66. The Smoky Squad

67. The Herbal Heisters

68. The Herbivores

69. The Smoke Show

70. The Ganja Gods

71. The Toasted Tribe

72. The Green Giants

73. Let’s Get Smoked

74. The Kush Kingdom

75. The Weed Wizards

76. The Euphoria Express

77. The Grasshoppers

78. The High Society

79. The Blazing Bandits

80. The Chronic Clan

81. The Green Generals

82. The Herbal Hitmen

83. The Joint Jockeys

84. The Kush Krew

85. The Smoker’s Squad

86. The Trippy Tribe

87. The Weed Wonders

88. The Herb House

89. The Kind Kingdom

90. The Cloud Nine Crew

91. The Smokin’ Snakes

92. The Stoner’s Society

93. The Green Giants

94. The Canna Club

95. The Dank Dudes

96. The Elevated Empire

97. The Hazed Hooligans

98. The Mary Jane Mob

99. The Pot Partners

100. The Smokin’ Squad

101. The THC Team

102. The Weed Whiz Kids

The Sesh

The Blaze

The Session

The Smoke Out

The Puff Puff Pass

The Wake and Bake

The After Work Blaze

The Weekend Smoke

The Party Pack

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The best stoner private story names are the ones that make you laugh and that reflect your personality. So get creative and have fun with it!

Tips for Choosing a Stoner Private Story Name

Make it funny. Stoners love to laugh, so why not choose a private story name that will make them chuckle?

Be creative. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your private story name. Use puns, wordplay, or even song lyrics.

Reflect your personality. Your private story name should reflect your personality. If you’re a laid-back stoner, choose a name that reflects that. If you’re more of a party animal, choose a name that reflects that.

Keep it short and sweet. You want your private story name to be easy to remember and type. So keep it short and sweet.

How to Create a Stoner Private Story on Snapchat

To create a stoner private story on Snapchat, follow these steps:

Open the Snapchat app.

Tap the “+” button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap “Create Story.”

Tap “Private Story.”

Enter a name for your private story.

Tap “Create.”

Once you’ve created your private story, you can add friends to it by tapping the “+” button and selecting their names. Your friends will be able to see your private story as long as you keep it open.


Choosing a stoner private story name can be a lot of fun. Just be sure to choose a name that makes you laugh, reflects your personality, and is easy to remember. And most importantly, have fun with it!

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