Your Emotional Words Refer to Mental and Physical Health

Psychologists have presented an interesting study that says that a person’s mental, physical and mental health can be assessed by looking at language and writing full of emotions and feelings. 

 Meaning, if you used negative words for feelings and emotions to describe a situation in your conversation, this indicates a deterioration in your physical and mental health. 

 The study was conducted by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and published in the journal Nature Medicine.

  On the other hand, if your speech is filled with positive words and vibes, it is a sign of good mental and physical health.  That is, negative words for an individual indicate positive emotional health, and it is also a sign of a healthy mind. 

 “The words we speak in our language express our feelings,” said Vera Wayne, a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh.  Research has also shown that we can express our feelings in a number of ways. 

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  People who used anxiety, loneliness, and related negative words were not in better health than others.

  In contrast, those who wrote positive emotions and enthusiastic words showed their overall better health. 

 Depression was also less common in these individuals. Research has shown that whether our words express feelings or emotions, they refer to our overall health.

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