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4 Main Facilities By NADRA Pakistan 2021


Welcome to my site some4best.com. I hope you all are having a good life. Today, I will tell you four such facilities of Nadra, from which you will be able to benefit greatly. And We are usually use these facilities in everyday life.

4 Main Facilities By NADRA Pakistan 2021

  •  sms your car’s chassis number * 8521 * you will know if your car is not stolen.
  •   * sms * your ID card number to * 7000 *, you will know that you do not have a fake card.
  •   * sms * on your ID card number * 8300 *, you will know whether your name is listed in the voter list and where it is listed.
  •  * sms * on your ID card number * 668 *, you will know how many SIMs are on which network on your ID card.
  •  Write * ATL * before your ID card number, then give * space * and * sms * to * 9966 *, you will know if you are * filer * or * non-filer *  ۔

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