Uses Of Calcium-Rich Salt to Clean the breath of germs and viruses

Special attention is being given to preventing germs and viruses that fly in the air around the world after Covid-19. 

Now an American company has developed calcium-rich salt particles that are not harmful to humans but could go a long way in eliminating germs and viruses. 

Uses of calcium-rich salt

 This important medical ingredient was developed by an American startup called Fend after research by Harvard University scientists, and fortunately, it could also stop the spread of the Coronavirus. 

 According to the company, viruses and particles smaller than a micron enter the human nose through the mouth and respiratory system, and then into the body.  It is impossible to prevent these harmful micro-particles with a natural mask.

  After researching this topic, her report has also been published in Molecular Frontier.  Calcium salts were researched by Dr. David Edwards and Dr. Robert Langer, scientists at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, respectively.

  The salt was tested on 92 subjects, including children, women and men, in three different situations.  

That is, one group experimented with salt in the office or workplace, another group was confined to home, and a third group wore a mask.

  It should be noted that no other drug has been added to the salt which reduces the bioavailability of bioavailability in the mouth, nose and respiratory system. 

 Thus, the inhaled exhalation showed a decrease of up to 99% in the vital virus while a decrease of up to 75% in the total biological macromolecules was observed.

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Uses Of Calcium-Rich Salt to Clean the breath of germs and viruses

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