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If You Want To Lose Weight Pay Attention To Sleep

Losing weight is followed by constant fatigue and fatigue, but we forget the third important factor which is sleep. 

 A healthy person needs seven to nine hours of sleep every night, but shorter sleep times increase body fat and can lead to obesity, and weight loss diets may be ineffective.

  One survey found that instead of getting eight and a half hours of sleep every night for two consecutive weeks, sleeping for five and a half hours at the same time dissolves a small amount of body fat and increases muscle and muscle loss.

  Hence, lack of sleep can affect health even more.  Another study looked at participants for eight weeks, and it was found that those who slept less than an hour a day had more severe and irreversible side effects.

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  But how does sleep affect the body and cause weight gain?  

There are a number of reasons why sleep deprivation affects the body’s metabolism, appetite, digestion, and food choices.  The two main hormones associated with appetite and appetite are leptin and ghrelin, which are strongly affected by sleep deprivation.  

The hormone leptin reduces our appetite, which means that when it increases, we feel full while eating.

  On the other hand, GREEN increases appetite and is also called the “hunger hormone”.  Lack of sleep reduces leptin and increases ghrelin, which leads to overeating.

  This has been confirmed in 1,024 people and the exact same increase or decrease in their hormones was observed.  It is clear that sleep deprivation can increase a person’s diet. 

 This is why sleep is so important.  Another survey found that people who sleep less eat sweets, fast food, and foods rich in carbohydrates and become obese.

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