Helping the Poor increases life expectancy

Helping the Poor increases life expectancy

Experts from Germany, the Netherlands and the United States have discovered, after conducting joint research in 34 countries, that people who continue to helping the poor people in need not only live longer, but also have better overall health.  

The study sought to determine the relationship between human health, age, and human behavior.  

The attitude to help or cooperate with one another is not uncommon, but it is present in everything from ants to elephants.  

That is, we can say that the spirit of helping each other is part of our nature. 

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 However, these experts wanted to know the nature of this behavior in human societies, where there is a tendency for competition rather than cooperation, and how it benefits the individual.  

To this end, he began to explore studies and research conducted in various countries on helping and cooperating with those in need.  

After a long search, they came to clear conclusions: “It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, but if you are in the mood to help those in need, you are likely to live longer and be healthier.”  Chances of survival are also bright.  “Mutual aid rates were higher in Japan and France, but at the same time overall health and age were also higher.  

This was on average in Turkey and China, while in South Africa, which is also more prosperous than its neighbors, age and sudden death rate were higher, while the spirit of helping each other was at its lowest.  

The study also found that helping each other not only means financial support, but also small steps such as caring for each other, asking for help and participating in small tasks.

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