Lyse’s FFXIV Stormblood Glam and Hairstyle is Finally on the Mog Station

Lyse’s FFXIV Stormblood Glam and Hairstyle is finally at Moog Station

Lyse’s flamboyant red dress and unique hairstyle can be yours.

 To be honest Halfway through, we only want glamor that is unique to the cast of these games. Final Fantasy XIV eliminates all stops in designing the shape of its auxiliary cast, so they often get them the best designs.

 Some of these designs can be found in the game, such as ThinkRed’s Gunbreaker costume, while others only stay at the Moog Station store for real money, such as Alphinaud’s Endwalker look or Y’shtola’s Shadowbringers getup. Sadly, some eyes are out of reach. 

You can’t play the role of Elsie & Walker, even though some people have tried to get close. One organization that some players are pining for is the Liz Stormbled Pair. The flowing red robe embellishes her monk’s fighting style. I would almost argue that sight creates character.

Ok, now this dress is available at the mog station store. This is called lyse’s leadership attire, and for USD 15, you can get clothing for your role and its specific hairstyle. It fits all female players’ roles. Sadly, despite working hard to remove gender locks on most of the ffxiv team’s devices, the male role cannot wear it.

 If you want to see what the gear in the game looks like. You can use the new dream fitting system added to patch 6.1. If you retire to an inn room, interact with a bed, and then select “dream fitting”, you can review many items from the mog station store. Unfortunately, not all of them are available on the list. She said Liz’s dress is available in the trending section.


 There are still many places where ffxiv teams can encourage new organizations. With the end walker, we have gonegar land lemald, so maybe we can get some of these sick legatus armor sets? What about the present form of graha? Honemany hairstyles have characters that players cannot easily access, including Gaia, hythlodaeus, and venat Hilda Hilda. Do you hear us, ffxiv team!?

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