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Best Off Page SEO Strategies | Advance SEO 2020

In today’s article I’m going to tell you guys something seo. As we know seo is of two types

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Both of these seo are very important to rank any kind of website.

But in today’s article we will only mention the off page seo.

Only using back links for complete seo is not enough. But many technical things have to be added to rank the badge. Which helps your page get a lot of rank.

So what you tell people in today’s article should be included in your post.


What Is Really Advance Off-Page SEO

Off page seo is an activity that plays an important role in you and others to rank your website in top 10 search engine posts. That is, through many websites by creating links and social sharing.

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Below I mentioned some techniques that are required for off page seo.

If you post a little bit of people then you should use this technique.

Share On Social Media

You know what? Social media sharing is a key element of live rating. After writing a high quality post, you need to share your post on social media. And ask your friends to share your post on their social media profile. It’s a very important and necessar

Social media traffic adds to your initial post ranking for Google search. If you don’t want to do much, using social media is mandatory. Then start sharing on social media.

You can use facebook, twitter and pintrest to share some of your posts. But always remember one thing, just don’t try to share on facebook, otherwise they will block your domain name. You can create a page on facebook to verify your domain, and then you can share it several times.

Especially of our traffic, pinterest is also a good source. You can use pinterest to get a lot of traffic on your website. Since organic traffic takes time to reach your website, you can use social media traffic until

Branding Of Your Website

Is a very important process of branding seo. This process starts with the purchase of domain name. You have to register a remeberable domain name, which should be mentioned easily. If your domain is less than 10 characters, it’s another big one.

Best Off Page SEO Strategies Is To Create Backlinks

The off page of baclinks is as low as the backbone for seo. There are several ways to create backlinks. The important thing we will tell you about backlinks is that if you have created backlinks on the site and if this website has a special visit on your blog Therefore, such backlinks serve as standard traffic

Types of backlinks –

Do-Follow Backlinks

No Follow Backlinks

Where to get backlinks

Guest Posting

Do guest Posting is one of the most important way for follow backlinks. You should go to any website holder and convince him about gas Posting. If you guys are able to get such backlinks it will be a source of getting a good enough traffic.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is mainly related to subdomain. Which makes you feel free. Like,, and, you can create do-follow backlinks very easily. This is high authority backlinks that can increase your website’s value.

Profile Backlinks

You guys can create high-authority website backlinks. That is, you guys create your profile on facebook,twitter instagram, media, quora and pinterest and get backlinks.

Comment Backlinks

You can get backlinks to your website by commenting on someone else’s website.

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