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Top AI Tools for Students 2023

Top AI Tools for Students 2023

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education provides a number of benefits, including the creation of interactive virtual classrooms, “smart content,” the eradication of language barriers, the filling of knowledge gaps, and the creation of lesson plans that are specifically tailored to each student. In the next years, it’s anticipated that the market for AI in schools would top a few billion dollars. Its rapid ascent may be attributed to its ability to revolutionise every aspect of the educational process.

Several forward-thinking companies are developing AI technology to do this. Let’s look at some of the most beneficial AI uses in the classroom:


Students review and remark on one another using Gradescope, an AI tool that helps teachers save time. The core of Gradescope is machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), which streamlines the grading process to save you time and effort. Teachers may use Gradescope as a single centre for grading both analogue and digital tests, projects, and assignments. Outsourcing frees up instructors to focus on more important tasks.

Dragon Speech Recognition from Nuance

Software for speech recognition is created and sold by Nuance for educational institutions. The business’s Dragon Speech Recognition technology, which can transcribe up to 160 words per minute, may be useful for students who have difficulty writing or typing. The software enables voice commands for document navigation and is usable by kids with special needs. Dragon will let you dictate anything from lesson plans and syllabi to worksheets and reading lists, more than three times as quickly as typing. With 99% success, it does this.

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Chatbot Ivy

Ivy is a chatbot suite with artificial intelligence (AI) designed for academic institutions. They provide assistance with a variety of university-related issues, such as the application, enrollment, tuition, and deadline procedures. Among the platform’s other distinctive qualities, Ivy’s ability to leverage gathered data to build recruitment activities stands out. The AI tool enables access to financial help for students, including details on potential loans, scholarships, grants, tuition payments, and more. It has a broad range of applications since it is possible to teach chatbots for certain departments.

Altitude Education

An e-learning platform with a focus on the student is called Altitude Learning. Teaching pupils the abilities they need to study independently is the main objective. Each learner is given the opportunity to study autonomously thanks to the product’s unique user interface and assessment system. Teachers have a variety of assignment alternatives, including individual and group projects, thanks to the AI tool. Additionally, it provides teachers with the resources they need to create classes with their pupils in mind, using the most recent research in the area of educational psychology.


Cognii develops solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) for K–12 and higher education. Internal training is often employed in commercial contexts. The conversational technology used by Cognii’s virtual learning assistant helps students develop open-ended responses and greater levels of critical thinking. The virtual assistant may also provide each pupil individualised attention by instructing them and giving them feedback right away.


Another excellent example of artificial intelligence (AI) technology used in education is the audio-visual vocabulary app Knowji. The language learning software Knowji uses a variety of techniques to aid students in rapidly and effectively learning a new language. The AI learning system monitors user progress and may anticipate when a phrase could be forgotten. This is made possible by an algorithm for evenly distributing repeats, which enhances memory over time.

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Querium’s AI technology excels in preparing students for success in postsecondary education and the workforce. Individualised education and supervised practise are the foundation of the platform. By improving student progress rate, quality, and analysis, using an AI-powered virtual tutor might improve learning outcomes across the board. By examining their replies and how long it took to complete tutoring programmes, instructors may learn more about their students’ learning styles and prospective growth areas. Additionally, the AI in Queirum could be useful in the classroom.

Tech Century

Century Tech offers an AI platform that combines cognitive neuroscience with student data to provide individualised lesson plans. Each student’s growth is monitored by the AI system, which also flags any academic weak points. Every user gets unique study recommendations and feedback. As a consequence, owing to these customised programmes, instructors have less work to complete. Century provides access to cutting-edge resources that make everyday tasks like lesson planning and grading easier to handle for teachers.

Sites of Carnegie Learning

The learning platforms that Carnegie Learning provides for secondary and tertiary students make extensive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Carnegie Learning is a major provider of cutting-edge educational technology and curriculum solutions. These websites provide a wide range of solutions to issues with literacy, numeracy, and foreign language learning.

One of its products, MATHia, was created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. Among other accolades, the Tech Edvocate Awards named it the “Best Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning App”. Fast ForWord, a reading and language programme offered to students, has been found to enhance vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Alta Knewton’s

The most recent product from Knewton in the field of higher education is the Alta AI tool. It is a comprehensive courseware solution that combines openly available material with AL to produce customised lessons for each learner. Every Alta package contains all course materials, including texts, videos, examples, and assessments. Additionally, it could be covered in a variety of cross-disciplinary courses in subjects including math, economics, chemistry, and statistics.

Eklavvya AI censorship

A web-based, AI-powered proctoring system called Eklavvya AI proctoring keeps an eye on students taking examinations online and alerts them if they cheat. The programme analyses the facial expressions and behaviour of students taking exams online using Eklavvya AI proctoring to assess their performance. Students are forced to utilise their webcams during exams using Eklavvya. The candidate’s front-facing camera has to be turned on during the exam launch. Online exams could be even more demanding if AI proctoring is used in conjunction with human proctoring. Online exams may be taken without being concerned about cheating thanks to AI proctoring.

shrewd crow

a clever online institution that uses machine learning to individually adapt instruction and provide ongoing assessment. a set of web-based tools for developing, distributing, and tracking student responses to applications and material for adaptive learning. Smart Sparrow customises students’ educational experiences using machine learning algorithms so that they may learn at their own pace and to the fullest extent possible.


A company called DreamBox Learning develops and disseminates instructional software for math classes in elementary and intermediate schools.For children in pre-K through eighth grade, DreamBox Learning provides approximately 2,000 lessons through animated challenges, games, and experiences. It’s a versatile platform that teaches maths to children in grades K–8 using AI. DreamBox uses AI to personalise maths lessons for every student, altering course difficulty and providing immediate feedback to encourage improvement.


Querium is an online education platform that provides specialised study programmes to help students in maths and science. The software produces individualised development programmes after using AI to identify the areas in which students are struggling. One of Querium’s unique selling points is its AI-powered chatbots, who reply to student questions and provide personalised remarks. These chatbots employ NLP to decipher questions from students and provide the right answers.

Math Woot

Woot arithmetic is an online platform that offers students a broad range of interesting, interactive tools and resources for arithmetic instruction. The platform makes studying maths more engaging and enjoyable for its users by including several visual aids and interactive elements. The adaptive learning method used by Woot Math is unique in that it uses artificial intelligence to personalise the learning process for each student. The system can identify students’ areas of weakness and provide the right resources and feedback to help them succeed.


On the website TutorMe, you may obtain individual tuition across a wide range of subject areas. Students may get on-demand tutoring sessions on the site anytime they want help with their assignments. One of TutorMe’s main points of differentiation is the use of artificial intelligence in the teaching process. The software employs machine learning algorithms to analyse student performance data and then generates recommendations. This suggests that during tutoring sessions, each student gets specialised attention.

With its corporate headquarters in the UK, Pearson provides educational services to clients all around the globe. With millions of students served in more than 70 nations, the company is international. Textbooks, online courseware, and digital learning tools are just a few of the many services and goods that Pearson offers to learners, educators, and educational institutions. The organisation also provides exams and certifications for a variety of jobs and disciplines. One of the key strengths of Pearson is its use of technology to enhance education. This organisation offers a variety of digital learning choices, including online courses, e-books, and interactive learning tools.


A company called Kaltura specialises in video technology and provides a range of goods and services to help businesses of all kinds create, handle, and distribute video. For its clients to give their movies a unique look and feel, Kaltura offers a variety of video products and services, including video management, live streaming, video editing, video analytics, and custom branding. Because the company’s platform is flexible and customizable, consumers may alter their video services to meet their specific needs.


The app for learning languages More than 30 languages are covered in Duolingo’s courses. Short science-based courses are taught in an interesting and useful way. For each student’s ability level and learning pace, the programme uses linguistics and AI to customise the lectures. The development of reading, listening, and speaking skills is emphasised in the courses in order to provide students with a well-rounded education.

The internet and mobile apps for Duolingo make it simple to learn a new language anytime and wherever you choose. To complement the Duolingo app for language learning in and outside of the classroom, the tool also offers free teaching tools. Since Duolingo makes use of cutting-edge assessment science and artificial intelligence, it also offers an English test that is short, affordable, and well-recognized.


For students in grades K–12 seeking for online education, Edmentum is the firm to choose. The firm’s services and products are designed to raise academic standards, student accomplishment, and teacher effectiveness. Among the many services offered by Edmentum are course materials, assessments, practise exams, online learning, and professional development. It is an educational platform powered by AI that customises lectures for each student. Edmentum assesses a student’s development using machine learning algorithms, enabling more accurate instruction and ongoing assessment of the student’s progress.

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