9th Class

9th Class Chapter wise Test Papers of All Subjects | All Boards

9th Class Chapter wise Test Papers of All Subjects | All Boards

God blesses the mercy of the almighty, all of you will be in good faith. This test series is being launched free of charge for everyone belonging to the education sector and the development of education in Pakistan.

 All tests are prepared to facilitate the examination preparation, educational practice and respected teachers of the children.

 All the tests of each available subject have been collected into one file.  All Chapters are divided into different parts.  No need to follow specific date sheets, custom Flexi bills can be tested on schedule.

 The lesson numbers are written on the right side of the test page.  

 Teachers will have to see what the syllabus is.  For more convenience, InshaAllah, also the notes of the articles have been uploaded to the website.

 Do not print a page with objective answers when printing a test. 

 I ask all my friends to guide me, there will be more improvement, God Willing.  May Allah bless you all

 May God reward you, Amen.

 Keep preparing and encouraging children.  

 Respected Sir Mazhar Ali Bhatti for all the assistance required in making this test series.

 Thank you.

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