Most Powerful Screen Lock For All Android 2021

Most Powerful Screen Lock For All Android 2021

Are you worried about your photos lying in your phone or about any kind of file? Or you are worried that your photos will be stolen by some other. Then there is no need to worry, today I will tell you about an application that cannot steal your data. 

This is such a lock screen application that no one can unlock your password as much as they wish. 



Multi screen lock is present in this application 

In this application you can set your screen lock according to the time.

In this application, you are just only entering the number that shows on your time screen. Spoose time will be 12:00 so you just put the pin 1200.

Apart from this, you can also apply a password to your screen through a specific code like if you set 45 specific numbers then just put 45 before time code. 

Some advanced features also are available in this application. 

Then from today you will be able to safeguard your data. And after today, there is no need to remember even the PIN code. Just look at the time and unlock your phone.


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