How To Check Ehsas Petrol Card

How To Check Ehsas Petrol Card

According to the news, the government has decided to issue a Ehsas Petrol Card to bike motorcycles to discount bikes at discount rates. The government plans to increase the salary of government sector employees in the coming budget of the financial year 2022-23. 

However, despite the report of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, there is no consideration to reduce the bacterial concessions, which has been revealed that high bureaucrats in Pakistan are getting more salaries and concessions in the United Nations employees. 

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According to a government announcement done on Thursday, Federal Finance Minister and Products Shaukat Treasures presided over the meeting of the Macro Economic Advisory Group in the Finance Division. A member of the meeting told private news that basic three points were discussed, including ideas to help the middle class (white) are the ideology of help.

 The meeting has been considered to be the advantage of subsidy fuels, relief in the tax, revenue in the tax, the income / minimum wage, for the intermediate (educated unemployed), especially the economic reforms in the energy sector, and finally 5.6 percent of GDP growth, 15% increase progress. 

The meeting reviewed the main macroeconomic indicators of Pakistan’s economy. Members of the MEA expressed satisfaction over the progress of the economy. Since the durable macro economic stability is inevitable, therefore the challenges and related measures were considered to cope with increasing global prices. 

Additionally, during the meeting, various effective measures have been discussed to provide publicly-related civilian classes. The economy was also analyzed to maintain the speed of the development as well as to deal with these issues. 

Meanwhile, Shaukat Treatment also presented the meeting of the steering committee of the successful Pakistan program. The meeting was attended by the Chairman NPHD, President Bank of Punjab, Chairman SECP, Akut Foundation, Dr. Amjad Saqab and senior officers. The Finance Minister was given a detailed presentation on the progress of the successful Pakistan program.

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