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Voyager Digital Issues 3AC With Default Notice

Voyager Digital Issues 3AC With Default Notice

Voyager digital is fulfilling its promise to pursue the crypto hedge fund three aero capital (3AC) for the money owed.

 Crypto broker is told that it has lent $3ac to $350 million stable coin used and 15,250 bitcoin, a total of over $673 million at today’s rates.

 On June 22, the voyager claimed that he had requested a partial payment of USD 25 million by June 24. He added that he has requested full payment by today.

 None of these requests seem to have been met, reinforcing today afternoon’s default notice and bankruptcy claims of 3ac

A default notice is a formal response issued by a lender whenever a borrower loses payment of his loan. Such a note does not ensure that the borrower will be completed, but it may mean that they can submit the initial guarantee soon.

 Voyager admitted that although he intended to recover the entire loan, the firm “is unable to estimate at the moment how much money he will be able to charge from 3AC,” according to last week’s statements.

 The firm is reportedly negotiating with its advisers about the “legal remedies available”, and the announcement is ongoing today.

Once the furious bill market of crypto, 3AC, led by su zhu and kyle davies, has been severely affected by the recent accident.

 As the bear market deepened, the implementation of terra (another crypto project supported by 3AC) began, and various firms including BitMEX, blocks, and genesis trading wiped out outstanding debts of 3AC

Amid the turmoil, crypto exchange FTX and trading firm Almeida research have stepped up steps to provide bailouts to affected firms.

 The exchange is expected to gain $250 million in Blockfi, and Almeida has already released a revolving line of credit to keep the voyager going.

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