Germany Has Lifted The Ban On Azan

Germany: the court has lifted the ban on Azan Berlin:

 German court has terminated the ban on azan by giving a big decision. According to the foreign news agency, the ban on adhan was imposed on the Christian couple’s complaint that adhan interferes with religious freedom.

 West German city monster court said in its decision that local mosque is allowed to call for Friday prayers. 

The court pronounced the decision on the appeal of the administration of ohrair kanshwek town requesting the cancellation of the previous decision of the ban on the call to the mosque. 

Judge Annette kleinschnittger in his judgment said that every society should acknowledge that people should know how those who believe in other religions practice their beliefs. 

It was thought that in 2018, a local court in Germany had banned a local Christian couple who lived near the mosque from calling for Friday prayers. This couple lived about a kilometer from the mosque.

 He had said in his complaint that the adhan given on loudspeaker on Friday by the moeen of the mosque is against his Christian beliefs and religious freedom. 

Monster’s court found that one part of religious freedom law was interpreted as negative religious freedom, whereas these laws do not give the right to interfere with the beliefs of the believers of any other religion, but rather protect them from being forced to participate in religious affairs against their will.

The Christian couple pleading against azan said in his argument that their complaint was not on the noise produced by azan but on the words used in azan.

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