Special Exam Of Intermediate For Division Improve

Special Exam 2020

 1. Who has to submit the form for the special examination?

 The form will be submitted by September 30. The child will send it himself instead of the admission institution.

 Student whose intermediate result came but they think that if they take the exam, they will get more marks, only they will submit the form.

 All other students whose results appear in special exam will not submit any form

 2-From which class will there be special examination?

 The special examination will consist of Inter 2 syllabus only. The marks of Part 1 will be determined on this basis.

 3- Special examinations will be held from 10th to 24th October, the results of which will be released on 26th November.

Supply test

 Students who have full fail or fail in some subjects written on the result card will take the supply test.

 The last date for sending admission with single fee is September 28. Admission has to be sent by the student himself instead of any institution.

 The exam will be from 10th class only. Marks of 9th will be applied on the same basis

 Supply exams will begin on November 7.

  The academic year is likely to start from April 1, the examination schedule has been finalized 

 Matriculation examinations, February Intermediate April, Primary examinations will be held in March 

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