My Telenor App Answer

Today My Telenor App Answer | What Is The 21st Prime Number

Today My Telenor App Answer | What Is The 21st Prime Number

My Telenor Application Is one of the best application that give free MBs daily.

And this is quite a lot of famous applications in Pakistan, from which people have gained a lot of free MBs. Free MBS is available in this application on the bases of daily. There are many ways you can get free MB in My Telenor app. In this application you can get 100 to 200 MB free on the daily bases. There is an option of Free MBs in which you will get 20 MBs on the first day. On the second day you get 30 MBs and it keeps on increasing like this everyday.

There is an option to get another free MBs in which you get the free MBs Through Quick Quiz. Five Mcqs questions are asked to you in this section. And every question you have to answer correctly. When you answer these 5 questions correctly you get 50 or 100 MB For free.

These Question and their answer are following 👇👇

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