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How To Make Money On Youtube | Best sitting For make money on youtube

In this article you will be able to know about make money on YouTube . And in this article, you will also learn about many things that you did not know before. How to make money from youtube and what are the settings to make money.

When you make your own and upload photos on it, i.e. customize it, then the step that comes after it is verified by the channel. So the way it is easy to make the channel, it is also very easy to make a channel.

You should have a phone number for the channel’s verification. And when you verify your channel. The bet is that you can only get two youtube channels from one number.

Follow the following steps to verify the channel.

Open youtube and click the icon on the top right. Then open the creater studio.

Then I will see the channel option below.

Make money on youtube

You will then be asked to specify your country and your phone number to send a verification code via a call/text message. Enter your number in the text field then click submit.

Make money on youtube

Depending on the option you choose, you’ll receive a call or a text message with a 6-digit verification code. Enter the code and click “submit”.

Make money on youtube

When you follow all these steps, your people’s channel will be verified.

After doing all this, you guys have to start loading videos. Remember to upload videos on a daily basis.

If you guys continue to upload regular videos.then your people’s channel will be ranked soon. As soon as the channel is young, you will earn money as soon as possible.

How To Make Money On Youtube | Best sitting For make money on youtube

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