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How To Increase Your Adsense CPC To $1 And Above

How To Increase Your Adsense CPC To $1 And Above – My New Year Gift To You For Late Sorry

The information I will be giving out here is of premium value and will radically change your blogging life going forward. So it’s only fair you show me some appreciation by liking and sharing this post. Let’s give it the needed visibility so more bloggers out there can learn from it.

Having said that, let’s get down to business.

I think my greatest win in terms of Adsense Arbitrage Blogging is my ability to achieve High CPC on my Adsense accounts. Regardless of the domain extension or TLD (Whether .com, .com..ng etc.)

Sometimes, my CPC can be as high as $17 per click. At other times, it can be as low as $1. But this doesn’t just happen on its own, I learnt to make it happen. In other words, I control it myself. I kinda force it actually. But how do I do this? I’ll show you.


I don’t just create a blog on any niche out of passion and expect a miracle to happen. I did that for many years and can tell you for free that you’ll earn nothing that way. Even if I were to buy an Adsense account with a blog today that is not in any high CPC niche, I’ll change the niche immediately.

Adsense Arbitrage Blogging is blogging business, so it will be wise if you don’t let your passion for your chosen niche overwhelm your sense of reasoning. If money no dey that niche, my brother leave am!

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I usually go for Insurance, Education, Travel and Finance. But just choosing a good niche is not enough, so I do the second thing below.


After choosing a good niche, the next thing I do is to create top quality articles that will trigger Google to place ads on my site with call-to-actions buttons like “APPLY NOW“, “GET QUOTE” and “BUY NOW“. Read this several times till you get it.

There’s a reason for this. When it comes to Google Advertising, ads with such call-to-action buttons are mostly Lead Generation Ads. Google charge advertisers higher for such ads because people who click on such ads are considered Leads or Potential Leads, not just web visitors. Google believes that if an individual can click on that “Apply Now” or “Get Quote” button and fill out their information in the form provided on the advertiser’s website, they can buy products or complete any offer from the advertiser.

This is the reason most people who write frequently on Scholarships, Automobiles and Insurance Offers frequently see such type of ads on their sites and end up with higher CPC too.

To trigger Google to place such Ads on your site, write mostly Listicles. Especially on keywords like “Nursing Insurance Jobs In Canada, Fully Funded Scholarships In Germany, Universities Offering Scholarships For Postgraduate Degrees, Luxury SUVs For Business Executives etc.” Listicles generally.

Avoid copying them from someone else’s blog. Write or pay others to write them for you.

Keywords like the above will naturally turn your website into a Lead Generation Tool in the eyes of Google. And in return, they will put Lead Generation Ads that show “Apply Now, Get Quote and Buy Now” on the site. Again, this type of Adsense ads pay more than those showing just Learn More, Subscribe For Free, Download Free or Play Now.

Whenever your site visitors click on ads with such Lead Generation call-to-action buttons on your site and complete the action, I guarantee you a very good CPC.

Again, to achieve this, write more of LISTICLES – articles that gather a list of items in one. For instance Top 10 Schools In Canada, Best Bank Account Types For Teens, Top 10 Best Insurance Policies For Salary Earners, Scholarships For International Students In Michigan etc.


The third thing to do is to ensure that your blog loads super fast. Some of you underrate the power of a fast loading website. Not only does a poor loading website piss people off, it also affects your CPC. This is the reason most Pro-bloggers you know will rather spend tens or hundreds of dollars monthly on foreign hosts than get it cheaply from local hosting companies.

You also need to use a lightweight theme on your website. It doesn’t matter if it’s not as beautiful as all those ones of over 2MB, go with it. Most times, the lighter and less beautiful themes convert far better due to how fast they load.

After that, position your ads in the right places on your site using good plugins like WP QUAD ADS. (You can check out my last post on How To Boost Your CTR to learn how to do that)


If you have carefully followed from step one down and ads are fully live on your site, here’s what you can do:

Ask a friend in any Tier 1 country (USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc.) to visit your site, navigate some posts and complete an offer there. Just 1 offer per friend. If you can get 2 to 4 friends to do this, perfect!

What do I mean by completing an offer there?

They should click on any ad that talks about Apply Now, Signup Now or Book An Appointment, Get Quote Now and make sure they follow through with it on the advertiser’s website. Just ensure they complete the offer, so it’s a win-win for both the advertisers and yourself. This is very important.

There’s also a way you can safely do that on your own from any part of the world, but I won’t include that here. I only teach that privately.

Now observe your CPC that day and see how fast it has risen. Definitely going to be $2 to $6 if those are the only clicks you get that day. Further clicks from other locations may drop it to around $1.

Repeat this step 4 like 2 or 3 days. If the increase in your CPC remains stable or upwards within those 3 days, then you are good to go with the step 5 below.


Now, create a Messenger Chatbot and link your Facebook page to it.

Don’t worry, your Adsense account won’t get banned. Just follow every settings and guidelines I laid down there.

After linking your chatbot to your page, create a Messenger Ad directing people to your inbox on your Facebook page, the chatbot will take it up from there and redirect them to your site for them to click on your ads.

You’ll notice a very high rise on your CPC and CTR afterwards.

Now to bring down your CTR and keep everything balanced, including your CPC, push some traffic to your site from TikTok Ads targeting the same locations.

You can also do this CTR control by manually giving yourself some pageviews by using Auto Tab Reloader and other extensions on Chrome. You just have to learn how to use them properly.



Everything is set!

Now this information here is worth hundreds of thousands to millions if you understand the Nigerian blogosphere. I hope you really appreciate and implement them!

Let’s help more people to read and learn from it. That’s one way to appreciate me for revealing this.

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