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Advance seo tutorial in Urdu! Friends, I welcome you guys to today’s article. I will tell you today what seo is and how seo is done. In today’s article, you will know about seo completely.

What is seo? And complete information about seo.

So if you are a blogger, you should know what seo is and how seo goes. But if you do not know people then I will explain it in detail today.

Whenever a blogger starts a block, his first goal is to make a lot of money online. But the fact is that making money online is not that easy.

So seo blogging is the most important part of which we can easily rank our post on any search engin. And when you can not rank your post, you will not be able to earn money.

Advance SEO Tutorial For Blogger

So guys, it’s very important if we talk about seo in today’s era. And even today, a lot of courses about seo have been started.

Also the cost of the course is more than rs 3000 to rs 10,000. And people don’t even learn seo by buying it.

And nowadays people also say the name of digital marketing that I will do seo. But it will be charged from 25 thousand to 50 thousand.

But today I have told you about seo in Urdu. And for that you will not have to give any kind of money to people.

And today I have covered all the things in this article that must be learned about advance seo. So you can easily rank your post.

On Page SEO Techniques

The first part of the hundred is on page seo. On the first number, it is kept because this seo is the most important part. The first page is your on page seo.

So writing a general post does not guarantee any post rank. Because there are algorithms in any search engine.

And unless you guys write the post according to these algorithms, it does not make sense for any of your posts to be ranked. Because today’s competition has increased a lot.

And when you do not write the article according to page seo, which algorithm will follow your article. Therefore, it is very important to do the blog seo. Below, I have explained all the list of seo.

Keyword research tool

So friends if you want to write an optimized artical on the page. So you have to use the keyword research tool as a tool. The benefit will be that you people will know what coyote you are searching for and how much traffic is coming on it.

And you will learn more about how much of the competition you guys are looking for. Which will let you know how many people your opponent is working on this keyword.

If there is a low people’s competition on this keyword, then you will have a lot of trouble with people’s article being ranked.

So you should use a keyword in a blog post whose search is more and less competition. So that the article can soon be the first page.

Best Quality Of Content

So friends on page seo plays a great role in ranking any post. The first time the competition was low and the post was easily ranked. But now have to compete and now the search engine is used to rank any article.

But if the search engine is developed enough to get its algorithm. Platforms like Google now rate the articles that have good shoes in the article.

So you have to make your blog post content very high quality. So Google can bring your article to top 10 by quickly crowl

Blogspot Title Optimization

If you are writing a post on any keyword you must first improve the seo of the post title. Your title must have 60 characters

Your title must have your primary keyword.

Make SEO Friendly URL

So now it comes to the url. We know this url as a permalink. so how do we create a friendly seo url?

To make a so friendly url, you need to add your desired keyword to your url. Don’t add too much to the url. Keep the maximum url as low as possible.

Do not use unnecessary words in your url. For this reason, Google will reduce your url status by considering your url as spam.

Meta Descriptions Optimization

We now talk about the description of meta description whenever we search for a keyword on Google. So we have a lot of results.

As a result, you get the title of the post and the description of the post under it. This is what we also know as meta-description.

If you want to make a better seo friendly meta description, the description should be up to at least 150words.

Remember that it is important that your keyword is mandatory in your description. It should also be in the required keyword title and url.

  Must Use Internal Links & Outbound Links

So correcting friends on a page is another step of must use internal links & outbound links), the use of any seo structure for our post is very strong.

Internal link means to add the url of another post of your blog to a new post. This process is known as external link.

Outbound means that we have to include external links in addition to your blog post.

  Image & alt attributes (alt tag)

Use the Alt tag in whatever image you use in your article

  Heading Tags

When you write in your blog. It should use topics. The title means h1, h2, h3 and h4.

And if you are using wordpress CMS, you should use heading1, heading2, heading3 in headings.

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