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Jazz Balance Save Code | jazz Dosra Balance

Jazz Balance Save Code | jazz Dosra Balance

Hello! Friends today I welcome you to this website. In today’s article, I will tell you how zong data is saved.

Sometimes it happens that you get more load, but the Internet PKG seems to be less money.

And the remaining balance survives. Which is lost without being used in any package.

Keeping in mind our needs, jazz has created another innovative service, namely jazz dosra balance.

You all have Shared your balance with friends, when you have a limited budget, you improve your mobile expenses and use jazz advance, but if you are thinking of an account where you can save your extra balance and be used when needed.

The benefit will be that in addition to your original account, you will be able to save your remaining balance.

 Subscription Process

Dial *869#

This code will open main menu.

Then the raqam dalen number is to be sent by writing 1.

After that, the amount you have to save is to be sent and sent.

:Un-Subscription Process

Un-Subscription Process

To finish the service #869* when the main menu is open, then write 3 and send it. This will un-subscribe your service (charges will be 1.2rs)

Services Charges

There is no subscription fee for the service.

There is no fee to deposit money in dosra account (default)

The fee will only be charged when the balance is received from the virtual account, which will be rs 1.2 for each refund

Maximum 100 rupees can be deposited.

Jazz Balance Save Code | jazz Dosra Balance

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