The Top 7 Hotels in Australia You Won’t Want to Miss

The Top 7 Hotels in Australia You Won’t Want to Miss

Top 7 Australian Hotels You Won’t Want to Miss Want to experience the finest that Australia has to offer but are short on time and money? Check out these 7 incredible hotels in Australia, which will satisfy all of your needs and then some.

 These top 10 hotels in Australia, which range from opulent lodging in Sydney to welcoming hostels in Cairns, make it simple to make the most of your trip there without breaking the bank or wearing yourself out with demanding travel schedules.

1 Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Top 7 Hotels in Australia

Although the Shangri-La Hotel’s appearance may be quite unimpressive, you pay for the rooms, service, history, location, and view. 

The Shangri-La Hotel looms above Sydney Harbour next to the former Customs House and The Rocks, the city’s oldest neighbourhood. The hotel is situated directly on the causeway leading to Sydney Harbour Bridge, and most of the rooms enjoy a direct view of the famous Sydney Opera House. 

So take a trip across the bridge, have a bite to eat in The Rocks at the famed Australia Heritage Hotel, and then watch the sunset over the Opera House from your room. Sydney doesn’t come close to that.

2 Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

Top 7 Hotels in Australia

Lord Howe Island is located in the middle of the ocean, halfway between Brisbane and Sydney, to the east. It resembles Hawaii in several ways but is in Australia. 

On the east side of the island, where the Capella Lodge is located, two sizable mountains rise majestically out of the water and protect a turquoise lagoon. 

The island is surrounded by the most southern coral reef in the world, which makes for calm waves and excellent snorkelling. The resort provides a selection of accommodations that blend seamlessly into the island’s natural environment. In this tropical paradise, you won’t want to stay inside, so the resort offers outside eating options and spa services.

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3 Grand Chancellor, Melbourne

Top 7 Hotels in Australia

From the Grand Chancellor, stroll around Australia’s hip big metropolis. Cocker Alley, where some of the best graffiti art in the world is displayed on buildings and the street, is only a short distance away. 

Rod Laver Arena, the site of the Australian Open, is reached by continuing your stroll in the direction of the river. The tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere, Eureka Tower, is located over the river in a few more minutes. 

The Grand Chancellor’s accommodations are cosy and manly. But the heated rooftop pool, where you can swim and take in views of Melbourne’s skyline at any time of year, has to be the hotel’s best feature.

4 Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania

Top 7 Hotels in Australia

This ultra-modern hotel is a stand-alone tourist attraction. The hotel’s main structure is made of curved steel architecture, and the hotel’s suites are set into a hillside with views of Cove Beach. Saffire Freycinet is for escape and is over a three-hour journey from Hobart, Tasmania’s only metropolis. 

The Saffire Freycinet is ideal for complete relaxation thanks to its amenities and stunning views from every accommodation. Knee-deep in an estuary, the award-winning spa offers treatments with a view of the water, and guests may eat fresh oysters there.

 Relax, the wait staff will carry the white-tableclothed table into the water for you. At the Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania, you can anticipate that level of customer care and experience.

Top 7 Hotels in Australia

5 Silky Oaks Lodge, Far North Queensland

Far Exploration opportunities abound in North Queensland. As they travel up the coast from Cairns to Daintree National Park, tourists swarm to Mossman Gorge. 

The Silky Oaks Lodge, with its subtle luxury, is located near the mouth of the gorge. It’s the kind of hotel that kids might imagine. You’d think the entire structure was a tree house due to how effectively the solid wood architecture merges with the surrounding forest.

 Underneath the hotel, the calm, immaculately pure waters of the Mossman River flow by. Where you may embark on a Dreamtime Walkabout with an Aboriginal guide, you can really feel the old Aboriginal history gushing out of the canyon. The Silky Oaks Lodge is engulfed in cool gusts that emerge from the gorge.

6 Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island

Top 7 Hotels in Australia

The Whitsunday Islands’ Whitehaven Beach is hailed as the world’s most picturesque beach by many. The only place you can get near to Cumberland Island’s famous white sand beach is at the Qualia Resort on neighbouring Hamilton Island. 

The architecture of this boutique resort makes it appear much larger than it actually is. To include nature into the resort experience, the resort is fully constructed of local wood and many areas are open to the stunning outdoors. Adventurers can stay at this upscale resort. 

On regular boat excursions, explore the Whitsunday Islands and the southernmost portion of the Great Barrier Reef. As you swim in the infinity pool at the Qualia Resort, you won’t believe the ocean’s colours of blue.

7 Longitude 131, Ayers Rock

Top 7 Hotels in Australia

In order to show respect for Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, an Aboriginal holy site, Latitude 131 was constructed. Uluru is a solitary rock that rests on the surface of the planet on its own. And it has mountain-like dimensions. 

The holy spot is located far into Australia’s interior, and only devoted tourists visit it. The resort is made up of a number of green tents that are furnished with opulent bedding, linens, and air conditioners. Outside, in the shade of Ayers Rock, people eat. You feel a connection to the surrounding desert’s natural splendour throughout the entire encounter.

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