I believe Niemann cheated more than he has publicly admitted

Gm Magnus carlsen wrote in a very predictable statement about Gm Hans Niemann alleged fraud, “I believe Niemann cheated more than he has publicly admitted and recently,” the global champion recently tweeted

 Carlson began by saying that he was as “disappointed” in the situation as the chess community. Then he USES the word “cheating” and says after a secret tweet posted on September 5, including a video by @mourinho: “I really don’t like to talk, I’m in big trouble if I do.”

 Carlson then confirms that gm Fabiano Caruana had already indicated in a recent podcast: the world champion considered retiring from the sinquefield cup ahead of the first round, as soon as he found out that neman would replace gm Richard at the last mo

 The most important line of the statement is: “I believe neman has cheated more than he has publicly confessed.” However, Carlson did not clarify whether it refers to online or table top chess.

 As far as online chess is concerned, neman admitted that he cheated twice on at the age of 12 and 16, and regretted it. In a statement issued on September 9, Danny Rensh, im, wrote on behalf of “we have Shared detailed evidence that contradicts his claims about the time and extent of serious fraud on”

 Before retiring from the snakefeld cup, carlson, who lost the match with neman, revealed in his statement that he was also named neman in the match.

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