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New Nintendo Direct Mini coming on 28 June 2022

New Nintendo Direct Mini coming on 28 June 2022

Nintendo will broadcast a new Nintendo Direct presentation on Tuesday, June 28, focusing on the content of the company’s third-party publishing partners.

 Nintendo said in an announcement that Tuesday’s Nintendo direct money partner showcase will run for about 25 minutes, and Nintendo’s YouTube channel will be available at 9 am EDT/6 pm PDT to be seen on-demand. (In other words, feel free to move around as the video goes live.)

 Games from Nintendo’s publishing partners who can be present in the new Nintendo direct include Capecom’s Monster Hunter Rise: Unbreak expansion, Square NKS’s Live a Live remake, Bandai Namco’s Canvas Fantasy Rewari series, and Sega and Platinum Games Publishing). Square Enix also has a long list of remakes and sequels in development, including a rumoured remake of Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together, an “HD-2d” remake of Dragon Quest 3, and Dragon Quest Treasures, a type of prequel to Dragon Quest 11.

 Undoubtedly, we can also count team Cherry among Nintendo’s potential partners, who will eventually provide us with more information after the recent gameplay revelation of Hulu Night: silk sung

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