Solve Mcqs Of Matrix | Matrix Mcqs with solution 2020

Solve Mcqs Of Matrix | Matrix Mcqs with solution

Every Question has four options but only on is correct answer. So Bold Option are correct answer.

1. If a matrix has 3 columns and 6 rows then the order of matrix is:

A. 3 × 6

B. 18

C. 6 × 3

D. 3 × 3

2. If order of a matrix A is 3 × 6, then each row of A consists … elements.

A. 3

B. 6

C. 18

D. None of these

3. A matrix A = [aij ]m×n is square if:

A. m = n

B. m = m

C. m < n

D. m > n

4. A matrix that is not square is:

A. Rectangular

B. Identity

C. Diagonal

D. Scalar

5. A matrix A = [aij ]m×n is row matrix if:

A. n = 1

B. n ≠ 1

C. m = 1

D. m ≠1

6. In a square matrix A = [aij ]n×n, the elements a11, a22, …ann are called … elements.

A. Diagonal

B. Scalar

C. Identity

D. Unit

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7. A square matrix A = [aij ]n×n is called upper triangular if aij = 0 for all:

A. i > j

B. i < j

C. i ≥ j

D. i ≤ j

8. A matrix, all of whose elements are zero except those in the main diagonal, is called a

… matrix.

A. Unit

B. Identity

C. Scalar

D. Diagonal

9. Every scalar matrix is a … matrix.

A. Unit

B. Identity

C. Diagonal

D. All of these 

10. If A and B are matrices of orders m × n and p × q respectively, then the product AB

is possible if:

A. n = p

B. n = q

C. m = q

D. m = p and n = q

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