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How to Hide WhatsApp Chat on Android 2021

  How to hide WhatsApp chat on Android 2021

  We generally use WhatsApp to chat with our friends, family, partners and various contacts.  However, sometimes we do not need other people’s access to WhatsApp chats because these are completely private.  For this situation, you can just hide how to hide chats in WhatsApp with a secret phrase or you can just create them.

  To do this, you can use the local WhatsApp locale or just try another app.  By reading this wonderful guide, I will show you how to hide WhatsApp chats on iPhone and Android in any way under the sun.

  Obviously, with WhatsApp highlights, we can hide or hide chats wherever we need to.  However, many people need to understand how to hide chats on WhatsApp without chronology, because this component is known by others.  For this situation, you can use an external application such as GBWhatsApp on Android to hide your chats.  This is a modified form of WhatsApp that offers prominent highlights.

  If you have an iPhone, at that point you should first run away from your device to use a modified app like this.  It is recommended to use caution when using WhatsApp switch, as your records may be suspended by your WhatsApp record.  To discover how to hide chats on WhatsApp without a file, just follow these steps:

  First and foremost, go to your tool settings> Security and enable app creation from obscure sources.  Uninstall WhatsApp from your Android and go to the GBWhatsApp site to download the app.

  Put the GBWhatsApp app on your phone and enter the phone number that is connected to WhatsApp.  Enter a one-time password to check it out and access high-level WhatsApp highlights.

  Just select the chats you want to hide and tap the More Options icon (three-dot icon) from above.  From here, just tap “Hide”.

Check out the sample lock for hidden chats and view all saved discussions here.  You can select any chat here, tap the burger icon (three spots) at the top, and select “Imprint as Unread”.  This will hide the selected chats and send them to WhatsApp home.

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  According to various bloggers and Youtubers, this program is prominent among other evaluated programs.  In addition, becoming famous online among teenagers.

  MaskChat is a new and advanced mask designed for Android customers to take care of security while having a private discussion on their mobile phones.  Private conversation can chat on WhatAapp, Tinder, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SnapChat or any other chat organization.  It can even be used to hide the page when creating passwords or accessing classified data such as banking information.

  •   What can you hide?
  •   Hide WhatsApp chat
  •   Hide Snapchat
  •   Hide Facebook browsing
  •   Hide WeChat
  •   Hide the page when writing passwords or accessing hidden data.

  Step-by-step instructions for use:

  Download and install the MaskChat app on your Android device. (For MI users, please go to Settings and physically authorize the design of other applications)

  Click on the MaskChat application icon.

  The computer cloth opens to protect or hide your phone screen.

  Drag it here and there to hide their screen from viewers.

  Adjust the amount of curiosity using the slider

  Touching the component Enable the switch using the switch to have a permanent mask on your screen and use the phone to minimize darkness.

  Click on the cross icon and the shadow will close, leaving the Maskchat icon.

  Highlights of the Mask Chat app:

  Set the mask on the screen.

  Set different mask themes.

  Customize the mask from the exhibition photo and make a transparent mask.

  Secure any social conversations with the Chat Mask app.

  This app allows you to hide your private content in open areas such as transportation or the subway.  Now you feel comfortable chatting by placing a mask on your screen.

  1.   Hide photo
  2.   Hide live chats
  3.   Hide anything you want
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