Hareem Shah Leaked Videos Link

Hareem Shah Leaked Videos Link

Following the release of several of TikToker’s videos, which she claimed were leaked by “close pals” Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz, the newest issue surrounding social media phenomenon Hareem Shah surfaced.

Shah’s films went popular on social media on Tuesday, but the TikTok star later clarified that Khattak and Naz had “taken and released” the recordings.

Shah acknowledged that the “videos are real and private” when he spoke to Geo Urdu from Morocco.

These videos were shot by me personally a while back. The first was shot at a Karachi home, the second in Islamabad, she added.

Hareem Shah Videos

Khattak and Naz, who were living with Shah at the time, “stole my mobile and saved the footage,” according to Shah.

She claimed that soon before the films went viral, the two had also threatened her with revealing them.

The Federal Investigation Agency in Islamabad was contacted about the threats, according to Shah, but the authorities informed her that “no action could be taken” at the moment.

Videos Of Hareem Shah

She said that Sandal and Ayesha shared the footage to complicate her marriage.

In their envy and jealousy, they have gone too far. My private videos were stolen from my phone and leaked, she claimed, adding that she will file a lawsuit against the two.

In the meantime, Bilal Shah, Hareem’s husband, stated: “Hareem told me that she had filed a complaint to the FIA a year before these films went viral but the FIA urged her to wait till the content is made public.”

Bilal stated he is standing with Hareem and will shortly file a lawsuit, expressing his rage at the FIA.

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